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You know you want to satisy your partner so dont take chances...
use the one that works every time on time all the time.

When you get that reputation as the best lover in town and they
are banging on your door for more ... PLEASE DONT BLAME US!!

Hercules Plus is in a class of its own when compared to other
Male Enhancement Health Dietary Supplements..

Taking One Hercules Plus with water about 30 - 60 minutes  
contact or after a meal will have you raring to go and will stay in your system for up to 3 days!!

Hercules Plus also helps reduce fatigue and increase your
life force energies and zest for life. Most importantly Hercules Plus is 100%
Herbal for your peace of mind!

Hercules Plus ...Is the "All New" Male Enhancement Supplement for Mens Health to give you back that zing for living life to the maximum. Thats why taking Hercules Plus when you need an extra edge in your stamina and vitality is the only Male Enhancement Booster you will ever want to use. ONE YEAR 100% REFUND Satisfaction Guarantee!

These days a man's material wealth and financial success can be built in a matter of months and not years and so life is moving faster and faster. To keep up with our partner we often need a boost to our vitality especially as the rigours of being at work all day then the heavy traffic during travel to get home can zap away your energy really fast.

All this means feelings of lethargy and lost energy levels to enjoy your personal time. This is where Hercules Plus comes in because it will give you the extra boost your body needs to perform at its best for longer and longer with a feeling of great joy and happiness.

                             Eurycoma Longifolia


                             Gingko Biloba


                              Butea Superba 


                              Epimedium Gradiflorum

                              Cistanche deserticola

As you can see by the above safe, pure and 100% effective herbal ingredients Hercules Plus offers a simple and genuine way to naturally improve male health and enhancement capabilities with increased energy and stamina for an active lifestyle - you'll find that life with Hercules Plus is extra fulfilling.
         Hercules Plus

Lasts up to 3 days once in your system!

         Hercules Plus
Longer Lasting Erections with Larger Stronger Sperm Ejaculation!

         Hercules Plus
No nasty side-effects as its a herbal formula !

Hercules Plus
   Is safe to use with alcohol!

         Hercules Plus 100% herbal male enhancement pills 
We Absolutely Guarantee 100% Results!


"Ive tried lots of other male enhancement products to date but I found that Hercules Plus gives me the best results. It works great and seems to stay in my system a few days and I like the thought that its a 100% herbal formula too! Thanks for a great product and will be telling my friends about it". William
Eurycoma longifolia has now become popular for itsalleged proven testosterone-enhancing and boosting sex drive and libido properties. It has also been included in some herbal supplements for bodybuilders and has been utilized as a herb for its aphrodisiac properties. Eurycoma longifolia also seems to give a more spontaneous and harder erection and a boost in energy and vitality with a sense of well being.
Gingko Biloba is the ancient tree that is well known worldwide for curing impotence. For instance in men it
increases your ability to sustain an erection during sexual intercourse. Ginkgo biloba increases nitric oxide within the body, which is great for the artery walls which therefore increases more blood flow into the penis..
Butea Superba has been considered to help increase the male sexual performance and promote nerve sensitivity in the penis. Local people of Thailand often use Butea Superba as an aphrodisiac, and seems to have the ability to speed up recovery time after intercourse while helping to create multiple orgasms and help with premature ejaculation problems. Butea Superba also seems to have the ability to improve erection duration, increase ejaculation amount and sperm count.

I highly recommend Hercules Plus for increasing sex drive and performance. I had noticed no side effects and a complete boost in Libido for a few days after taking one capsule. Hercules Plus came out on top for me compared to others. Give it a try!
Maca root is a vigorous herb which increases
libido in both men and women.Its a very good source for greater energy levels which leads to a better sex life. Maca is a reliable herb aphrodisiac and improves sperm count which also stimulates stamina and elevates libido as your desire for sex becomes greater.
With historic use in mainland China, the worlds sexual therapists have positive reports that indicate Epimedium boosts your libido to higher levels, which therefore improves erectile function, restores sexual power and increases sexual sensation. As proven over many decades Epimedium mainly works with free testosterone, which naturally increases sex drive, and increases your blood flow to the genitals.
In ancient chinese herbalism Cistanche has been used to cure Male Impotence since the 1800's. It also has positive effects on sperm production, mental alertness and memory function.It also aids muscle strengthening.
100% Power Packed Herbs - We Have Now Improved Our Formula For Even Better Results! This Is What JH From Australia said..."i have tried the new capsules you sent me. i do think they have improved the formula.
i found the following:- harder longer lasting erection,
larger and stronger sperm ejaculation, 2nd erection after 1/2 hour,
formula remains active for about 3 days, so very happy with them"
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